Ocean Beach, California is located along the Southern California coast in the sunny city of San Diego. Its neighboring cities are Downtown San Diego, Mission Bay, Mission Beach and Point Loma. Residents of Ocean Beach often refer to themselves as OBceans pronounced “oh-BEE-shun.” Earlier names for the city include Mussel Beach, Mussel Beds, Medanos, Palmer’s Place/Ranch and Palmiro’s. In more recent times, people refer to this beautiful city simply as OB. OB’s main street of business is Newport Avenue where you’ll find locally owned and managed antique shops, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, and bike and surf shops. Ocean Beach is home to numerous locally owned businesses and very few chain stores. In the early 2000s, Starbucks wanted to put a store on Newport Ave but the town didn’t like the idea. After the town’s efforts to prevent a chain store on the street, they lost the fight.

Some major popular events OB is known for are the Ocean Beach Kite Festival on the first Saturday of March, Ocean Beach Street Fair and Chili Cookoff in late June, Ocean Beach Jazz Music & Arts Festival at the foot of Newport in late September and the Ocean Beach Christmas Parade in early December.

Perhaps the most popular canine hotspot is Dog Beach, San Diego’s only 24 hour beach for dogs, located on the north end of Ocean Beach beach. This is a dog run area where dogs are permitted without a leash at all hours of the day. Just like many of the other San Diego beaches, OB is a popular surf spot for many local surfers. It is also one of the top favorite local beach hang-out spots for many of the area’s youth and San Diego natives.

Fun Facts

  • Ocean Beach Pier was originally names the San Diego Fishing Pier with the original plaque still there.
  • Many people believe the Ocean Beach Pier is the longest pier in CA. It isn’t. At 1971 feet it is the longest concrete pier on the west coast. The pier at Santa Cruz is 2745 feet.
  • Ocean Beach is surprisingly home to several species of parrots which have created a feral population, meaning they have escaped from domestication and returned to living in the wild.
  • Ocean Beach Dog Beach is the first leash-free beach in the United States.
  • One of the most spectacular things to see from the Ocean Beach Pier is when a surfer shoots the pier by riding a wave underneath from one side to the other while maneuvering around the concrete legs of the pier.